Falling into a Decline

contains scenes of mild crime

I guess I'm a full-blown fanficcer these days, after four years of writing in the Jossverse. Feel free to friend if you'd like to keep track; new readers are hugely welcome, as are comments. I'm also a mod at fantas_magoria, the BIG Buffy and Angel fandom project, and you should go there *immediately* for fannish goodness. If you're a fanwork-creator, have a look at my challenge comm letsgetitdone, and see whether you can commit to creating something this year.

The name Brutti ma buoni, for those who are curious, is Italian, and roughly means 'naughty but nice' or the less flattering 'ugly but tasty' - it's a pair of plural adjectives because it's also the name of some biscuits they make in Liguria, where I spent a lot of childhood holidays. Sort of dense nutty meringues. Mmmm, nostalgic nutty goodness.

For the sake of clarity and LJ rules about damage to minors, I'm well over 18 and adult according to UK and US law. I make absolutely no money from playing with the fictional creations of others.

My season 4 BtVS mood theme is by wickedgrdn at fadedfl0wers
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