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Self promotion - a meme #4

Something you made just for yourself... Yeah. So the flipside of writing almost entirely for prompts is that very little of what I write is just for me. My latest couple of long fics for J2 are mostly about me (Three Steps Past Triton *especially*) because they were about challenging myself to write something long. But I was grossly enabled to write Triton by Certain Persons, and my big bang is, uh, an achievement in length more than in being thrilled with it, pfft, and besides, not yet posted. So.

I guess When Worlds Collide is my most recent For Me fic, because fusing Slayerverse with J2, and having a strong female in a threesome mix with Jared and Jensen is pretty much all about my likes.

But I think the Rulesverse is my most for-me story, forever, which is odd because officially it was for Snick. And then a whole bunch of people wanted me to write Spuffy properly into it, but in the end when I did, I did it for me. And I wrote them complicated, yet uncomplicated, and breeding through negotiation and awkwardness and natural means not mystical, at a time when all my damn friends were having kids, which I can't. And I wrote Wesley and Illyria on the outside of that, watching and loving and hurting like hell because sometimes biology just isn't. Which is as close as I've come to Mary Sueing for a while, I think.

So, yeah. That: Rulesverse Spuffy, and most especially Winds Blowing Chill and Under the Wide and Starry Sky

I still think my take on How Spike and Buffy Make A Baby is at one and the same time the least-original and least-written option on the table. Which is possibly my contribution to this fandom.
I loved reading this because you have very interesting thoughts about your work. Of course, I'm a big fan.

Aww, thank you! Not a lot of thought about process here, more about the feelings. But I'm glad it's of interest. :)
Honestly I love the idea of Spuffy baby thanks to a donor. It's least-written but I don't see why. It's rational and possible. I toyed with that idea when I wrote a Spuffel long time ago. Nice recs!
I think people want perfect romance, and perfect romance guys have babies together. Whereas it doesn't always work that way. Weird to find myself writing 'it's more realistic for a vampire to have a kid by donor', but it sort of is!
I was grossly enabled to write Triton by Certain Persons

Certain Enabling Persons have absolutely no idea of which you speak. ;) However, they are VERY curious as to how a Slayer and an Undead would go about procreating. This idea needs to be explored ASAP.
how a Slayer and an Undead would go about procreating

Fandom has contrived MANY MANY possible solutions, I assure you! :D
If you are a newbie, does that mean you've started watching the show? :D?

/once a Buffy fan, always a Buffy fan
Only a handful of episodes so far (and not likely to be doing any big diving-in to a new fandom, not during bigbang season), but what I've seen so far is intriguing. :)

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I like how Snick is also now pushing Buffy at you. \o/ Yes.

Mostly vampires procreate with mystical temporary lifegiving whoosits. I went donor sperm. This makes me highly unusual in the fandom. *g*
Rulesverse is awesome and amazing and if there's a Mary Sue in there, no one would know. It is original and unique when it comes to Buffy/Spike children, and worth it for that if nothing else. :)
Thanks so much! I think the true Mary Sue is that I wasn't actually aware while I was writing it how much of me was going in there. Which now, reading back, um, quite a lot. Illyria is my soul animal, turns out.
Rulesverse. <333 The existence of this 'verse continues to make me so happy every time I think of it. I will never stop being pleased by my small part in helping inspire it. :)
Had to be Rulesverse. Had to. Of all the things I've ever written I love it by far the most. Objectively, lots of the bits are a shade ropey, because they were flooding out so fast. But the people and the feeeeeelings? 100%.
It's one of life's trufax, that when we are most faithful to pleasing ourselves is when we also please others. It seems like it shouldn't be that way, but I think that authentic expressions are the most universal, no matter how specific. This also applies to lovemaking, I think.

All that to say that you completely captured me with both "When Worlds Collide" and with "Rulesverse". And about a hundred other things. Thank you for expressing yourself, darling!