Fifteen characters meme - third of five

Loving how oddly these questions come together. Though the expert eye may note some signs of rebellion at times.

Edmund Blackadder IV, Illyria, CJ Cregg, and Buffy Summers are stuck on an island in a "Then There Were None" scenario. Who kills whom, how and why and in what order - and who's the one left standing?
Oh my god, this is impossible. I don't want to have to work out whether Illyria, Buffy or CJ would be last woman standing, because I don't know how to even begin. I also don’t think either of them is a secret killer. Illyria might well kill people, but why sneak about? What care I for mortal laws? CJ might just possibly acquiesce in the killing of someone extrajudicially, but she'd have to have big reasons. She might juuuust possibly be convinced slayers and demons (god kings) are too dangerous for the world, but she wouldn't kill off Blackadder; he's no threat. And Buffy? Pretty much likewise. Might be in a cage fight with Illyria, but why would she kill humans? No, there's an unseen menace on the island. He/she/it tries to take out CJ, but she's pretty fit and flees to raise the alarm. After which, she has Buffy and Illyria onside, and which murderer is really going to try to take them all out? I don't even think you *can* kill Illyria. So, suck on that, murderer.

Edmund? Oh, he died first. Pfft. Nobody really wondered why. He might have been the murderer but I wouldn't back him against one of these women even if she were blindfolded with her head in a bag.

This isn't terribly original, but Inara Serra vs. Ruby (SPN): Who would you want on your team during a zombie apocalypse?
Now. Interesting. Generally speaking, Inara – she's hot, she's very competent, she's funny, she can pilot a shuttle etc. And Ruby, although also hot and competent, is disturbingly evil and quite likely to be intending to turn me into a vessel or similar. However, zombie apocalypse demands slightly other rules. Assuming Ruby is zombie-immune but also anti-zombie (maybe she doesn't like the groaning?), it'll be very useful to have her onside. Inara could be zombie food along with me, and that whole bow and arrow thing? Unconvincing. I'm going with Ruby, and getting the hell away from her after.

Edmund Blackadder (IV) and Inara Serra - who's on top?
Depends on if he's paying. In which case, buyer's choice. But I think we all know Blackadder likes someone else to do the work. (Ah, even as I typed that, I remembered the whole 'do you do it doggy doggy' line, so am thinking I have that wrong. But I still reckon he's not a missionary man). In a non-literal sense, of course Inara's on top. Blackadder is paying, and yet she's most definitely coming out the winner.

Spike, Xander and Faith are at comic con - who would they cos play?
I'm fairly sure Spike and Faith are cosplaying each other. Or, more or less. Faith's definitely a vamp, and I think Spike would enjoy being some kind of virtuous superhero with a very snarky side (need I say that they're on some kind of mission and Spike denies he wants to be at comic con? Clearly he does the full denial bit, but he also buys a suspicious amount of stuff). Faith definitely hooks up with some vampire groupies and teaches them a valuable lesson or two about a) vampires and b) sex. Yes. Xander misses the memo where they're supposed to be cool and snarky about fandom, so he picks his fave character of the moment. Yes, it could be Batman, but I'm thinking it's currently Peter Quincy Taggart from the relaunched GQ2. Right?
I pretty much agree about how impossible is to take Buffy and Illyria (I don't know the other character) but I would love to see their interactions.

I would love to see Faith, Xander and Spike at the Comic-con. I think they would have so much fun!
Heh, Illyria, CJ and Buffy fighting off unseen menaces on an island would be great... (Well, not for Edmund in that scenario, but it's not as if he was needed with that team there...)

(Sorry, that one is an evil question and I should really stop asking it, but, well, sometimes I'm evil...)

These are super fun responses! I very much enjoyed the first and the last one.

I would also agree that Ruby would be my choice for a Zombie Apocalypse as well.
Edmund? Oh, he died first. Pfft. Nobody really wondered why.

Of course! :D

(Loved your answer to the other question involving him, too. Including Blackadder on the list has been great for the answers so far :)

And the Comic Con answer was a lot of fun also
Assuming Ruby is zombie-immune but also anti-zombie (maybe she doesn't like the groaning?)

As good an explanation as any.

Edmund/Inara -- well, that's a pair.
I'm thinking it's currently Peter Quincy Taggart from the relaunched GQ2. *laughs in delight* Yes, oh yes, oh yes.