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15 Characters meme - second responses

Another gap in the ramblememe today (it's pretty much more gap than content from now on, if you have any questions!), so here's the next update for the 15 characters meme. Some splendid questions today. WARNING for the second one though. Shuddersome.

- Xander, Buffy, and Faith develop superpowers (if they already have superpowers, they lose the ones they have and develop different ones :). How does this happen, what are the superpowers, what do they adopt as their superhero names and costumes, and do they become superheroes or supervillains?
*eyes the question* Sooooo, the hot chicks with superpowers, develop superpowers? This is unfortunate, number-wise. Slayer power isn't fancy, with the x-ray vision and the freeze ray, but it's pretty comprehensive, and I've been trying to think what would be novel for them. Not least because of the Slayer dreams, Buffy's superhearing etc – they've had quite a lot of supernatural fun. I'd mostly like them to have WIIIIINGS, but I already wrote that. (Xander is scared of his wings and mostly hovers two feet off the ground trying to impress passing women.) If you want them to have difficult powers, Xander can see through people (not literally), and loses his faith in humanity. Faith can see the human consequences of actions, and it drives her insane. And Buffy tells the future, but nobody will listen. Oof. Oh, and they're goodies. Come on. They've tried being bad, up to a point, and it didn't suit any of them.

Edmund Blackadder IV & Arnold Rimmer: Fight or fool around?
*faintly* It's been a long time since I requested brain bleach, but I think I would like some please. Fight, dear god please let them fight. And they would, because Blackadder is a hereditary officer who likes to kick back and consider how idiotic life is, and Rimmer would die to be him. And will therefore hate him.

CJ Cregg & Faith Lehane: If they were to play rock, paper, scissors, who would win and how? – now see how nice this pairing would have been for the previous question. But, eh. I think Faith would win, because she'd probably care, under her surface cool, whereas I think CJ would find competitive rock-paper-scissors hilarious. Because, you know, perspective?

But I'm not totally ruling out CJ fluking a win on the first round because Faith likes to swing a fist (scissors are not her blade) and disdains paper.

Spike, Mal Reynolds and Josh Lyman put on Macbeth. Who plays what?
Huh. Now this is interesting. Mal is definitely Macduff – do the right thing, dammit, and oops my entire family died while my back was turned but I shall be avenged *shakes miserable fist*. And Spike, pretty much, I can see as Macbeth, especially in his Dru phase. "Kill the king for me, my precious. Think how prettily that crown will sit." He does have personal ambition, but he has even more weakness for the one he loves. And if pleasing her involves killing someone he doesn't like *cough Angelus* *cough Oedipal wossname*, all the better.

Josh, though, is quite difficult. Not only but partly because a lot of minor parts in Macbeth are kind of cardboard ("Ahhh, yes, he's absolutely a Young Siward to the life"? No.). I thought of him as Banquo, but he's not really hapless-slain material. So I thought about Lady Macbeth, because Josh urges action and doesn't generally act himself. But he's an honourable man, and killing the rightful king? I struggle to see it. (Also, he's really not Spike's type.) Soooo, I'm going with Josh as one of the witches. He sits, with a team, and tries to see the future; he forecasts; other people act. Sometimes, they really fuck up. But is that Josh's fault? Answers in an A level essay on the witches' culpability for the tragedy please.
Xander hovering and flirting put a big smile on my face. Of course he'd be all skeered of the wings just disappearing *woosh* just like they appeared. I would be, too!

I want CJ and Faith in a room right this minute. They'd get on.
Yes, and then after Faith loses, she punches him in the face.

By the way, I do apologize sincerely for the horror that ensued from my first question.

Heh. I will consider many slash options, but that one? Oh no. The unsatisfactory underwear alone is quite terrifying in prospect. But that's the fun of the meme!
And Spike, pretty much, I can see as Macbeth, especially in his Dru phase. "Kill the king for me, my precious. Think how prettily that crown will sit."

Oh, this is perfect!

I'm amused that the one question so far where I know all the characters (the superpowers one) is the one where the characters are not that well suited to the question 'cos 2 out of 3 already have superpowers. The winged Xander scenario is pretty hilarious though!
Yes, can't you just see Dru as Lady M? Including all the 'who would have guessed the old man had so much blood in him', with screams and while licking her fingers. Yummy.

Poor superpowers question, it should be such fun, but with *two* Slayers, it's a little difficult to see past that.
...I think I may have to write a "Five Times Faith Played Silly Parlour Games And Took It Entirely Too Seriously And Tried Not To Show It" fic now.
She plays a really dirty game of Sardines, of course.

*dies of this mental image*
:lol: It is all Josh's fault, obviously!! ;-)

And, oh, dear, Rimmer vs Blackadder? /o\

The meme continues to be entertaining!
*g* Of course it's Josh's fault. The President is not amused.

Better than Rimmer/Blackadder. Gah.

The meme is magnificent! I'm glad you revived it.