First Slayer

Who We Are (Connor, Dawn, PG)

Title Who We Are
Characters Connor, Dawn
Rating PG
Words 400
Setting post-series, ignoring comics
Prompt for insmallpackages Dawn+Connor, "we are who we are."

"And you are?" The guy doesn't look too welcoming. But then, he has reason to be suspicious. Not many people call him Connor.

"I'm Dawn Summers. You may know me as The Key."

Dawn doesn't get to do this often. The Key thing is old news in Council circles, and pretty much no one beyond that really gets the Key thing, apart from some cults and stuff that occasionally try to kill Dawn. Nothing lately, but still, Dawn understands caution.

Connor does a fast blink and side-slip of his eyes under cover of the movement, and Dawn realises he really is the operator Spike described. Not just happy Stephen from a good home, but a guy who also knows the truth, remembers that he is the child of vampires, miraculous, destructive and raised in a hell dimension. The kind of hell dimension Dawn only saw once, in the worst moment of her life. Connor spent years and years there.

Dawn should remember that. Just because he's a freak like her, doesn't mean he's a freak that's going to like her. Or trust her, or fall in with her plans. But nobody else will listen, and Dawn has seven days left to save the world. Also, yanno, her actual life. She needs a champion. This is her last hope.

"Why are you here?" he sounds wary more than hostile, civilised Stephen winning out so far.

Last hope is okay, in a way. Except it also means, I tried all the other guys and they laughed at me were busy. So Dawn goes with, "I need someone who will believe the impossible. Thought you might be that guy. Want to help me save the world?"

There's a long pause before Connor answers. (She really should call him Stephen, she supposes, or at least ask which he prefers – but in her head, he has been Connor since she heard he existed. Both times. She wanted to know him even before the whole false memory thing got revealed. That was just a perfect little extra to confirm Dawn's belief they should get along.)

When he does answer, he's Connor. Tougher, scarier. Closer to what Dawn needs right now. "Sure. I was bored, anyway."

Dawn isn't fooled by the casual tone. But she is happy to have someone on her side. "Cool. Seems like it's pretty much a destiny thing."

This is part one, right? There's more? It feels like there ought to be more, because I want to know what Dawn is up to!
I think this might make a wonderful round story, so if anyone wanted to pick it up from this point, they'd be welcome. What is the apocalypse? How does it involve Dawn? What's Connor's motivation? Loads to establish and explore.

That would be fun! Have you posted that on your LJ as a challenge? (I won't be one to pick it up, as I've never watched AtS except for the two or three eps Buffy appeared on, but there seem to be several fans out there who write Dawn and Connor well.)
Aww, I always love seeing these two characters interact in fanon. This fic is no exception.
I miss Connor so much. I think I'm one of the few who does.
I miss Connor so much. I think I'm one of the few who does.

Nope, me too! Though sadly I don't seem to have a Connor icon any more. Woe.
This was delightful! <3 Dawn and Connor, off to save the world together. I dig it.
Thanks! I think they could be excellent together. More than just confused, sulky teens - but also distinctly confused, sulky teens. :)
I like this a lot! I've always thought Dawn & Connor would have a lot to talk about
Thanks! Definitely - especially after the memory wipe, when Connor can remember two realities, compared with Dawn, who remembers only one, which is a lie.
Love it. The two never-should-have-been kids bonding and doing their thing.
Copied from insmallpackages in case you like to keep track of your feedback:

I loved how you set up the scenario for Dawn and Connor and established an intriguing premise with only a few strokes. I also love the turn on this line: When he does answer, he's Connor. Tougher, scarier. Closer to what Dawn needs right now. "Sure. I was bored, anyway." That play with the characters and their memories and motivations is what intrigues me about these two, and you captured that so well across the board, but especially here.

Like your other commenters, I'd love to know more in this story. If you were so inspired (or you opened it for a round robin), I'll be right there reading it.

Thanks for filling my wish :)