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Quickie festive ficlet (SPN/AtS crossover, Gunn, Dean)

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For Snick, who wanted Gunn meeting Sam or Dean, or both. This is really quite vaguely festive, tbh. Also suggests quite a bit of canon/semi-canon character death in passing.

PG, 500 words, post-series

Few unknowns were welcome in downtown LA a few months after one of the larger, meaner Apocalypse attempts was beaten back by a small, battered crew of heroes. An unknown gang, tooled up with an arsenal in a muscle car with a serious side of Angel wannabe? Not one of the welcome ones.

Gunn knew they were around before he met them. Stories filtering through the underground were pretty explicit.

They don't know vamps. They're hell on wheels against ghosts. Looking for a demon with yellow eyes. Looking for their Daddy.

White bread with Daddy issues. Gunn had had a buttload of that. Connor. Wes. Angel. Spike. Gone. Enough.

He tried to avoid them. They'd leave town soon enough. But one night, over a nest that was causing Gunn some temporarily serious difficulties, there came a voice pretty much in his ear.

"Say. You need a hand there, mister?" And yeah, there was snark there, but a little respect too. Gunn turned his head, caught a flash of pale face, short hair, light eyes gleaming in the dark. "These are the vamps that go dusty, right? With the old stake through the heart trick?"

The stranger got jumped by a couple of bravado-filled fledges at that point. Flailed a little, but dusted one speedily enough, with a hand-whittled stake out of an ankle holster. The second was grabbed by a humungo-dude who appeared from the shadows. He gripped the demon by the upper arms, and kept him still till Out of Towner #1 could make with the stake.

Good enough. They'd learned a little since coming to town.

"Yeah," said Gunn, casually. "Stakes work. But you know what's better? Flamethrower."

Flamethrowers were too tricky for a single operative. But with three, you could herd the victims right back into the flames. Which is what they did. #1's whooping at the flame was a little tasteless. Otherwise all good.

After, they stood over the heap of ash, breathing the deep hard breaths of a solid job done. #1 (Dean) pulled out a photo. "You ever seen our Dad? We're looking for him. And a demon."

Gunn hadn't. "What did the demon do?"

"Killed-" #2 (Sam) paused. "Killed some of our people."

Uhuh. Looking for Dad. Not for Mom. Plus #2 had the look of someone who hadn't eaten nor slept for the loss of someone. Gunn knew how that went.

"Can't help you, sorry. But I'll be looking. Leave me your number."

Gunn was good at fighting alone, these days. Good at being left behind. He didn't need a gang any more.

But. There were always more vamps. And sometimes it helped to have support with the flamethrower. "You want to get a beer? Also, I may have some more work tomorrow, if you want in?"

#1 said, "What kind of work?"

"Zombie demons," said Gunn. "I need to burn some zombie demons." And watched Dean grin like someone just gave him a Christmas present.

Neat! Yeah, Gunn would really have no patience with Yet More Daddy Issues, but Sam and Dean pulling their own weight? That, Gunn can respect. And of course Dean would be thrilled with zombie demons (especially as Gunn seems to be implying a repeat use of the flamethrower).

Thank you!
I definitely thought there might be weaponry bonding, yes. And Gunn could always work with allies, if he could only remember how. Glad you enjoyed it!
I think Gunn has had enough of working with demons and vamps that two humans, who know how to handle themselves, would be a very welcome change. I think Gunn could work well with Dean and Sam, if they wanted to stay in LA.

Great wee story.

Of all the Fang Gang, Gunn is the one who would be least welcoming, but the most pragmatic, once Dean and Sam proved themselves capable.
This was great line - "These are the vamps that go dusty, right? With the old stake through the heart trick?" Very Dean.