Darla and Dru

Earth Stood Hard (Drusilla, R)

Title Earth Stood Hard
Characters Drusilla, OMC
Rating R for horror touches and something that's verging on incestuous underage necrophilia, which is fleeting but *still*.
Words 600
Setting AtS season 2, before The Trial
Prompt from Lutamira, who wanted Darla/Dru and kind of got it. Plus Snow Angels, at sb_fag_ends

November 2000 A cold, remote place

Ingleby had found her.

He could tell immediately, though he had never associated Drusilla with snow angels, not in all the research he had done to make this moment possible.

They were quite a creditable attempt, for a woman who, one assumed, had rarely played in the snow. Or perhaps she had, with William the Bloody looking on indulgently, tossing snowballs for his insane mistress.

"Do you like my angels," she asked, solemnly sweet. Ingleby swallowed hard, feeling the tightness of the work-issue vampire-proof suiting clutch at his throat. She couldn't be hungry, not realistically, not in the midst of all this. But then he doubted that Drusilla only killed for food. She might not have sipped from any of them.

"I like them very much," he responded. Best to humour her. But his less wise side added, "One does not, conventionally, leave the person in situ. But they are quite effective." The snow was stained red. Copiously. Drusilla had not fed neatly. "The children are particularly… stirring."

More than one family, he assumed. Or perhaps one of those modern blended affairs. Enough to provide a striking contrast of size, shape and skin tone at least. And seven… eight… nine of them in total, too.

Drusilla was stroking the hair of the smallest boy. "All angels. I don't like real angels. My daddy was an angel, but I liked him better when he wasn't."

It was an opening that the Wolfram and Hart employee could not miss. "Well, Miss… er. Miss Drusilla. Now that you mention it. It is in fact about your family that I have come."

"I don't have a family anymore," she said, sadly. "Grandmamma is dead and gone, and Daddy is no fun at all. And poor little Spike has evil pixies in his head, and can't be a bad boy no more."

"Well, I have some news," said Ingleby, with trepidation. "Rather sad news, do you see? About your… your Grandmamma."

Drusilla's head whipped around so fast he didn't see the move from facing the boy to staring directly into his own eyes. She would move like that when she killed, and a vampire-proof suit left plenty of vulnerable areas still vulnerable. The eyes, for a start. Several of the angels were eyeless, he could see. He tried not to blink more than usual.

"Well, I'm most awfully sorry, but your Grandmamma is no longer dead. She is, in fact, alive." Drusilla gave a small, keening sound. "Really alive. Not undead. And it is killing her. Your, erm, your Daddy has refused to assist. We need your help." What would reach this creature? "We need you to help her to become… immortal."

Drusilla was still caressing the youngest dead boy, petting at the soft, cooling skin. Her face turned a little away, reflective. "I should… I should be her Mummy, should I not? I miss being a Mummy. Mummies give the best kisses," she added, and lowered her mouth to the child's.

Ingleby closed his eyes. If he died now, defences down, at least he wouldn't have had to watch that obscenity beforehand. If he could have blocked his ears, he would have.

It passed. Even the worst things do. And Drusilla's small, cold hand slipped into Ingleby's. "Time to visit Grandmother," she said, happily. As they walked away from the cooling slaughterhouse, she skipped a little.

Twelve hours or more in her company still to come. Alone. Wolfram and Hart did not pay Ingleby enough, he realised. Though if he complained, he could rather too well imagine how he would end up.

Just another snow angel, bloody rags against the cold, indifferent ground.

Wolfram and Hart did not pay Ingleby enough

In these situations, I imagine there is no "enough". Yikes.

Ingleby did very well, keeping it together in his vampire-proof suit. But Dru! Dru was in prime form — vicious, inhuman, creepy x 11, childlike, and inappropriate. And, in my head, gloriously beautiful!

I'm going to file this under "totally happened". Thanks for another gem!
Nope, and exactly how Ingleby got this gig is an unwritten fic that interests me. *g*

So glad this works for your Dru; I think you think more about her than I do, and I love that you like this.
Ugh. Very Drusilla. It takes a lot to make one feel sorry for a W&H functionary, but this works. Very disturbing - in a good way.
Just doing my job, dammit. Urgh. Yes. The practicalities (always an area that interests me) are mind-boggling.
Ooooh, this is neat. And not just because people have been making snow angels all over town this week. This is so Drusilla it tingles, though that might be frostbite. I'm with rebcake, this is definitely how it went down.
This was incredibly well done.
You captured Drusilla very well here - creepy, insane, and still completely whimsical.

Eeep! That was... Really disturbing actually, but in an intriguing way. ::shivers:: Great Drusilla characterization. She's hard to get right, but I think you captured her well!
R for horror touches and something that's verging on incestuous underage necrophilia, which is fleeting but *still*.
It's funny because you thought this would scare us off BUT IT DIDN'T.

This is deliciously creepy! Your Dru is a thing to behold. I particularly liked the thing about the eyelessness of the angels. :D
Heh. I know you better than that. But it seemed like a just possible squick area...

(Your choice of smileys about eyeless corpses disturbs me deeply. :D)
YES. This clearly happened. Dru is so much herself in this she practically comes popping out of my computer to say hello. And now she's on her way to Grandmother's house, over what one can only presume is white (reddish-colored?) and drifting snow, so it is even a little bit holiday-themed. ;)

Edited at 2012-12-13 11:11 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow! This was amazing. I don't think anyone's really captured so well before just how truly terrifying Dru is.
That is so Dru. Lovely voice and characterisation.
I almost feel sorry for Ingleby *g*
I love how this is from Ingleby's perspective - the whole thing is creepy and wonderful, and not a bad job on Dru, either - she's a tough one (I personally think you have to be at least a little unhinged to do her right...so congrats, I guess. :P )

Thanks! I've only done the occasional Dru-perspective fic in the past, and found her near impossible. So an outsider POV felt quite necessary for this one.
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One of the things I love about award sites is the way they help people to find new writers to read, so I'm really glad you've been nominated. And also that you made it here and enjoyed this one!
One of the things I love about award sites is the way they help people to find new writers to read

Oh very much so! Not that I need more distractions... :)

And I hope I didn't come off wrong - I wasn't trying to self-pimp, just convey the wowness of the wow factor when I read this.